13 Apr. 2017 - A new two-track single is up on our bandcamp page! Hopefully, more new stuff is on the way.

25 Jan. 2014 -The New York based Electro-Faustus, creators of outrageous musical instruments and effects, included Tamyria Osa in their first cd compilation! So flattered to see our name in the same tracklist with Merzbow! Get your copy now!

3 Jun. 2013 - New track uploaded! An edited version of "Astaroth", which will be included in its full 7 minute long version in our forthcoming album.

1 Jun. 2013 - We are working on a new album. More info & tracks soon.

9 Nov. 2012 -  Our album is on bandcamp! Listen or free download here
Only 50 copies were printed, wrapped in hancut cover design by Tamedia Osa. Contact us for a free copy, or dowload the album, burn a cd and print & fold the artwork.

7 Nov. 2012 - A new video for the track "Luk the Lun". See the video page

16 Oct. 2012 - Building astro-satanic ornaments. Perplexing the mind before and after their birth.Hazelnut. I like Hazelnut. Tweak it, heat it. Work.
The first Tamyria Osa album is about to land - more info soon.

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